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Thread: Breeding Update - 5/2/2011!

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    Default Breeding Update - 5/2/2011!

    Hey Farmers,

    We have been made aware that current in-game messaging regarding Sheep Breeding is inaccurate and confusing to our customers. This messaging implies that the success rate for color/pattern inheritance is 100% guaranteed, when in fact, it is not.

    This messaging was unintentional, and we sincerely apologize for any confusion or frustration.

    The text will be updated to reflect the feature's intended design as soon as possible. If you purchased a Ram and/or Ewe from the Market under the assumption that the success rate was guaranteed due to this messaging, please contact our CS department and they will refund your account accordingly. (This means your purchased Rams and/or Ewes will be removed, and the equivalent amount of Farm Cash will be restored to your account.)

    Due to the volume of emails from customers during this time, it may take longer than normal for a CS agent to assist you, but they will respond to your request as soon as they are able.

    Breeding and White Sheep:

    Please know that the intended design of this feature was never a 100% success rate for color/pattern inheritance. We have seen reports from the community indicating that prior to the release of Pig Breeding, the pattern inheritance success rate (from Rams) was unusually high (80 – 100% success rate). This was a bug and the feature is now functioning as intended.

    We have also seen reports from players indicating that an unusually high amount of White Sheep are being produced when breeding. As white is a color, it is possible to produce white sheep when the feature is operating normally.

    However, we are investigating player reports to determine if more white sheep are being produced than anticipated. Please know that this process is not an easy one and will take time for us to address.

    Chameleon Sheep only producing White Sheep:

    Currently, the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram are producing almost exclusively plain white sheep. This is a bug that we are actively working to resolve. We will be releasing a fix for the Chameleon Ewe and Rainbow Dots Ram sometime this week which will result in the color/pattern inheritance success rates to be on par with the other Rams/Sheep in the game.

    As always, we appreciate your feedback! If you would like to share any thoughts or opinions, please make sure to follow the FarmVille Forum Rules and Rules of Conduct when posting.


    The work on fixing results from the Chameleon sheep (almost exclusively white sheep) is taking longer than expected to get it just right. Our current plan is to have this fix tested and live early next week. Thank you for your continued patience, and please understand that we are working hard on this fix, but want to make sure it does exactly what's intended to fix the bug before we release it into the game.


    Update 5/9

    A Few Sheep Breeding Changes
    In our continued effort to refine and update the sheep breeding process we made some changes today, specifically towards the chameleon color-changing ability that we’ve previously released. Now, the probability to inherit the chameleon color-changing ability is much higher and mimics pattern inheritance: the chameleon ability can only be inherited from the father (at a certain percentage chance), and the chance of inheritance increases dramatically if both parents have the chameleon ability.

    As you may know we removed the Chameleon Ewe from the Market last week in part because it wasn’t working the way it should. While we may return it to the Market in the near future, today we are gifting everyone who purchased a Chameleon Ewe with one new Chameleon Ram (a color-changing ram with no pattern). This new ram should be available in the Market later tonight at 9PM PDT.

    White sheep should no longer be outright produced by color-changing sheep if the ability is not being inherited--instead it should be more of a reddish color.
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    Thanks for saving me money Zygna! I'll never buy sheep now
    How long will it be until Zynga realizes you can only push the village people so far before they rebel?

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    Not what I was hoping for, but my wallet is happy.
    On top of ole Zynga, all covered with cheese, I bred my poor sheepies for patterns that please, I got an all white, then a repeat of dad, I can't help but be a little bit mad.

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    Wow so what your players want dont mean anything this means nothing has changed we are still going to get nothing but plain sheep very disappointing and what a shame.

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    thankies i still have to get the ram,but i'll hopefully get it soon lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhijennings View Post
    Wow so what your players want dont mean anything this means nothing has changed we are still going to get nothing but plain sheep very disappointing and what a shame.
    Yep,nothings changed.

    Zynga should have posted this info when sheep breeding first came out,they have raked in a boatload of cash basically on a scam.

    With this knowledge upfront would any of you paid cash for your sheep?

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    Functioning as intended? lol, well at least i know i am done with breeding then, because i thought it was a bug, cheers for saving me a lot of money!

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    Wow.. I cannot get over how addicted I got to sheep..Never really liking them b4.. Was such a Burst of Fun and Excitement .. Next time you'll come out with "" COOL ITEMS"" I will wait b4 spending a dime ..You may rip it out of Our hands..instead of letting us have fun.. You really need to bring back the Color changing sheep & piggies
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    Not at all what I was expecting to hear. Very disappointing.

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    it was 100% before you blocked everything to "stop the hackers". now youve blocked your own sheep from breeding and your trying to make up for it by refunding farmcash! what a joke. i used to spend a ton of money on farmville and after the crap with the sheep, letting them go for so long, then having to show that zynga wouldnt be shown up by some computer geeks making better sheep than they do, you just shut down 2 months of gaming. if you wanted to stop it, you wouldve shut it down from day one. the sheep suck now, so do the pigs, and i will never spend another dollar on farmville.

    The dumbest of all of this, is that I was actually spending money to decorate my farm to MATCH the sheep!! Even after giving up on the horses, i still bought them because they were horses. And I know other people were doing the same. So you lost ALL THOSE SALES TOO ZYNGA. along with plenty of sales from my fellow breeders. All because you couldnt let one thing go that had already happened. OH WELL. thanks for saving me some cash.
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